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The current healthcare system promotes over-insuring, i.e. encourages Americans to get insured against risks they can easily handle themselves. This creates a slew of downstream problems relating to medical costs. Many people choose (or are given by their employer) insurance packages that have low deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, and cover a very wide range of health services. This excessive insurance makes customers indifferent to the costs of medical services, and providers not have to compete on prices. As a result, prices have risen through the roof.


I advocate tax deduction for all “cost-share” expenses. In other words, to make all out-of-pocket insurance-approved medical expenses tax deductible (i.e. costs reported to insurance which are approved and count toward policy deductibles, co-pays, co insurance, etc. Those are on-file, verified, and easy to reported to IRS (and to the taxpayer) ). This would incentivize many people to purchase insurance that has higher deductibles (since it would now be tax-deductible), which means cheaper premiums. Patients would then care more about costs, and allow providers to compete on those. This would keep medical prices in check.


Thus, with my proposed solution would lead to the following results: Lower medical prices would not only benefit uninsured; they would benefit all with lower insurance premiums. Also, the public would not need to absorb costs of those who do not pay hospital bills.

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