Let parent’s have more choice on education for their children. Many schools, especially in our low income communities, are failing; we need to provide the opportunities presented by school choice. If we are treating growing income inequality as a national emergency worthy of bold changes, why are we allowing teachers unions to hide behind the same tired talking points of the past 30 years as our schools continue to fail the people who need them most? What do we have to lose by trying more excellent charter school programs in the worst performing areas? I will advocate for directing federal funding to these programs, and fight regulations that impede them.


Advocate for NY leadership to keep the SHSAT. Mayor De Blasio wants to remove the admissions tests to our elite high schools, instead of finding solutions to better prepare and educate children currently in underperforming schools. This misguided effort affects many families on district 10, whose children work hard to get into these schools (particularly the Asian-American community). As a daughter of immigrants, I understand their concern. Education is our tool for upward mobility. and we cannot take that away.


Advocate for NY leadership to accept the 529 savings account changes.  In the past, funds invested in 529 savings accounts were not taxed — but could only be used for college expenses. With the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’, up to $10,000 can be distributed annually to cover the cost of sending a child to a “public, private or religious elementary or secondary school”. Though the new Tax Act permits this new 529 plan distribution, that expense was denied as a “qualified withdrawal” in New York, even though this interpretation was accepted in 48 states. Many of our constituents would benefit greatly from the distribution. I will get this through.

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