Phil Rosenthal –

“Naomi is the perfect person to continue the work we were doing two years ago. She is the daughter of Soviet refugees and learned the importance of defending our democracy from her parents. She will fight hard to preserve both our political and economic liberty at a time that intolerance is growing on the left and socialism is increasingly in vogue among those who never lived through its deprivations. Naomi also shares our view that the Iran Deal was disastrous on so many levels, and the lack of judgment shown by Congressman Nadler in supporting it alone disqualifies him from ever again representing the district that includes Ground Zero. Naomi will fight to keep our nation strong. She is a staunch supporter of Israel and celebrates the many things the Trump Administration is doing to restore the US-Israel Alliance and speak the truth about what is really happening in the Middle East.“


“CAA-Action believes that Ms. Levin is the most qualified to represent and represent the people of the West Side of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.”


Rebecca Harari –

“What a breath of fresh air! She’s a true voice 4 all NYers & will fight 4 our health, lower taxes & security. ”