Phil Rosenthal –

“Naomi is the perfect person to continue the work we were doing two years ago. She is the daughter of Soviet refugees and learned the importance of defending our democracy from her parents. She will fight hard to preserve both our political and economic liberty at a time that intolerance is growing on the left and socialism is increasingly in vogue among those who never lived through its deprivations. Naomi also shares our view that the Iran Deal was disastrous on so many levels, and the lack of judgment shown by Congressman Nadler in supporting it alone disqualifies him from ever again representing the district that includes Ground Zero. Naomi will fight to keep our nation strong. She is a staunch supporter of Israel and celebrates the many things the Trump Administration is doing to restore the US-Israel Alliance and speak the truth about what is really happening in the Middle East.“

New York Police Chiefs’ Benevolent Association

Your record of support of law enforcement and homeland security officers is exemplary.


Chinese America Association –

“CAA-Action believes that Ms. Levin is the most qualified to represent and represent the people of the West Side of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.”


Stonewall Veterans’ Association (SVA) –

“Miss Naomi Levin has provided more support and respect to the legendary SVA in three months than Natler failed to give in three decades. In fact, SVA is this close to suing Natler for slander, failure to represent all constituents, and defamation. VOTE… Naomi T. Levin for the 10th District in Congress!”


PRIDE Democrats

“PRIDE Democrat is proud to endorse Naomi Levin for Congress because of her moderate views and innovative ideas. The 10th Congressional District needs someone with new, youthful energy and enthusiasm.


Rebecca Harari –

“What a breath of fresh air! She’s a true voice 4 all NYers & will fight 4 our health, lower taxes & security. ”

New York District 11 Congressman Dan Donovan –

“Naomi Levin is proof positive of what the American Dream stands for. An engineer and immigrant daughter of USSR refugees, Naomi understands firsthand the importance of ensuring America’s economic and international strength. She is the fearless leader we need in Congress, and I’m proud to endorse her.”

New York District 1 Congressman Lee Zeldin –

“I enthusiastically endorse Naomi Levin for Congress in NY-10. Naomi is an outstanding next generation leader filled with drive, sense of community and purpose. This November, voters will have a chance to deliver a new voice to Congress and choose results over resistance. During her time as a software engineer, Naomi has proven to be at the forefront of our rapidly evolving and increasingly-connected world, and will champion common sense policies to improve our lives and help bring our communities together. Naomi is committed to healing our communities and will work tirelessly with both Republicans and Democrats to find solutions to everyday problems. I am proud to give Naomi my full endorsement.”

New York State Senator Marty Golden –

“I am honored to endorse Naomi Levin for United States Congress. Naomi has shown dedication and passion while campaigning throughout the district and I know she will faithfully represent the constituents of District 10 in Washington D.C. The daughter of immigrants, Naomi has been a leader in the New York technology scene and brings a new and fresh perspective that would go a long way in her district. In today’s political landscape Naomi has carried herself with dignity while focusing on the issues that plague District 10. A relentless worker, Naomi is committed to reaching across the aisle and bridging the gap to find solutions that best benefit the constituency she would represent.”

New York State Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis –

“Naomi Levin is my choice to represent the people of Brooklyn and Manhattan in the United States Congress. Please get out there and VOTE to send Naomi to Congress. She will do really good work for the people of our state. We need a voice of reason.”