Naomi Levin is running for Congress in New York’s 10th Congressional District.

As the daughter of refugees, Naomi Levin learned early in life to value the freedoms protected by the United States Constitution. Her parents witnessed firsthand the devastation communism wrought in Russia and came to America in the late 1970s to raise their family in a land of opportunity, far from the oppression they experienced.

Naomi is a millennial and a speaker of 4 languages, including Russian and Hebrew, spoken by many in the district.

Naomi received a dual degree in Biology and Computer Science. After becoming a Software Engineer she has been a leader on the forefront of emerging technology in New York City.

Naomi is committed to bringing the focus from national partisan politics back to the issues that you care about – from expanding education opportunities to improving healthcare options to strengthening National Security.

Naomi’s fresh perspective as a millennial with experience in technology will be instrumental in strengthening our global political and economic landscape. She wants to win so that she can implement sound policies that will help her district and country thrive.

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