Naomi Levin for Congress

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Meet Naomi

Daughter of immigrants turned activist turned candidate for Congress on the West Side of Manhattan and Parts of Brooklyn

My mother and father were refugees who came to New York from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; from a place of governmental and societal oppression. They placed a high value on freedom, and taught me that freedom demands participation and responsibility, and they instilled me with a drive for public duty.


That is why I am your candidate for New York’s Congressional District 10.


My parents grew up in a place where opportunity was constrained by the limits of successive governmental initiatives.  They came here so that I would have a place where opportunities arise and grow continuously through the ingenuity of American free enterprise. I believe that entitlement is not an American value – diligent work is. Success may sometimes come through luck or happenstance, but more predictably it comes from the core American ideals: work ethic, education, respect for others, fairness, and individual responsibility. Having American values does not mean choosing between our constitutionally guaranteed individuality and our compassion for others – it means building our society through both.


Our bill of rights is not a list of entitlements.  Rather, it is a part of the framework through which we pursue our national mission of a more perfect union for ourselves, for our neighbors and for our children.


I became an engineer because engineers get to conceptualize and build new things, and to fix things that are worn out or broken. And when it became clear that our 13-term Congressman was pursuing a rigid agenda of party interests rather than local community interests, I joined this race, informed by trust in freedom, diligent work, compassion and the historical fact that with shared American values we can improve our individually unique American lives.

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Daughter of refugees turned activist turned candidate for Congress on the West Side of Manhattan and Brooklyn’s Borough Park area

Naomi wants to go to Washington to implement the sound National Security policies that will keep our country safe and keep the US-Israel alliance strong, allocate the funding we need to let our children get access to better education programs, and advocate for the removal of crippling regulations and institute a better tax plan to help our businesses and residents thrive.

Naomi is not a career politician. As an engineer, she works to find maintainable and scalable solutions to problems. Having worked in emerging technology and young entrepreneurship throughout her career, she wants to be a millennial voice in Congress for expanding opportunities for Americans.

Naomi will fight for the issues that we care about.

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This election is going to be important. We need to knock on every door, call every phone number, feed and house our volunteers. Sign up here to join the army of decent Americans fighting to reclaim New York!

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